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A True Taste of Louisiana

Will the Turducken arrive Frozen?: The Turducken ships from us frozen and will arrive slightly thawed.  It is safe to refreeze the Turducken if you are not going to cook it right away.

How to Slice a Turducken Cut the Turducken long ways from head to butt (you will have two halves).  Slice across from leg to leg, wing to wing. 

How Many People does a Turducken Feed? 20 - 30 people. 

Does the Turducken Contain any MSG or Preservatives? No.  The Turducken is prepared with all natural products.   

Is the Turducken Spicy? The Turducken is well seasoned, but not Spicy (hot).

Can I refreeze the Turducken? Yes.  It is safe to refreeze the Turducken once you receive it.

Can I Deep-Fry a Turducken? No.  There are no bones to support the Turducken 

Can I Grill or Smoke a Turducken? Yes.  Set the Turducken on aluminum foil, so it does not stick to the grill; or set in an aluminum pan.  Put a thermometer in the grill.  At 350 degrees, place the Turducken on the grill/smoker and cook accordingly. 

Do I Need to Baste the Turducken? No.  The Turducken is already seasoned and ready to go. However, if you would like to baste the Turducken feel free, too much of a good thing does not hurt!